Journalist, Author, Communications and Media Interaction Consultant

I'm a journalist with 20 years of experience with the Danish media and I work regularly with the international media and foreign companies that want to enter the Danish market or need information about the current state affairs in Denmark.

I live and work in the Copenhagen area and can be contacted by phone or email using the information at the side of the page.



Create a Good Story

My customers come from two areas:

Journalism: Newspapers, magazines, TV and radio use my ability, and more than twenty years of experience with, among others, the top Danish newspapers Politiken and Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten, to get a good, accurate story that makes a difference. I have the network and methods to attain precise information and to help create an agenda. My areas of expertise are business life, foreign and international defense policies, but I also use my journalistic methodology in all other genres. Even four Danish novels are on my CV.

Communications: Companies and organizations are also interested in creating a good story, but they use it to help create an image through PR, media, corporate branding, leadership training, crisis management, internet communications, newsletters, customer letters, and networking. I define these target groups based on the idea that good communication efforts are good business.

I believe in a clear definition between journalism and communications. No communications customer is ever a source in any of my journalistic production. Both journalism and communications assignments are carried through on my core business values: honesty, integrity, energetic perseverance and outward visibility.

Use a good story - Let me find it and tell it for you.